Alternative Peritoneal Mesothelioma Treatments

Treatments for mesothelioma are similar to those used in combating other forms of cancer - lung-sparing surgeries combined with chemotherapy and prescription drugs are common - but as the profile of this asbestos-caused form of cancer grows, so too do the number of alternative mesothelioma treatments available for patients. While none of these treatments offers a definitive cure, many can help to manage pain, emotion and the general condition of patient's body as their disease progresses and can also assist in making standard treatment options more effective.

Mesothelioma is a fast-acting form of cancer, partly because it is often misdiagnosed for other stomach ailments. Unless a patient makes mention of a potential asbestos exposure, this kind of cancer may go undiagnosed until an X-ray or biopsy is conducted. Once mesothelioma has been identified in a patient, the most common forms of treatment are surgery to remove tumors and chemotherapy to shrink them. Most hospitals will use these as well as approved prescription drugs for treating mesothelioma, but may not take advantage of many alternative mesothelioma treatments that can help patients in the long term.

Common Alternative Treatments

One of the most common alternative treatments used for many conditions including mesothelioma is acupuncture. This treatment involves the insertion of long, thin needles into a body a pressure points and has been shown to relieve pain for a wide variety of patients. Biofeedback therapy can also help manage the pain that comes with mesothelioma by putting the mind and the body in tune with one another and giving a patient greater control over what they feel and when they feel it. Homeopathy is also a very common alternative treatment used by mesothelioma patients - natural supplements can help in not only managing the pain caused by the disease itself but can also assist in mitigating the side-effects of standard treatments such as chemotherapy and other forms of radiation therapy.

In addition to treatments aimed at limiting pain, alternative treatments focused on keeping a body healthy are also key in fighting mesothelioma. Nutrition therapy can have a significant impact on not only a patient's overall health but their ability to deal with changing circumstances as their cancer progresses or goes into remission - those undergoing chemotherapy and surgery often need more protein and other bodybuilding materials, and their tastes will often change as prescription drugs are taken. Having a meal plan that can adapt to these changes can provide a boost to treatment efficacy. In addition, patients often benefit from having a workout plan that allows them to retain some strength and movement even during the standard treatment process. Physical therapy can make a body more resilient and help doctor-approved treatments deliver greater results.

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